Our Approach

Medico-Legal Reports

Our medical/clinical capabilities are at centre of our all processes. We ensure the delivery of quality consultations between premium med tec and client.

The experts on our panel are from medico-legal field. Our panel contains more than 4,000 medical experts who cover various medico-legal fields all over the UK. Travelling distance between most of our customers and our offices is not more than nine miles. Our nationwide expanded clinical network and wide range of services enable us to present competitive pricing structures for our reporting and screening services.

We adopt advance technology in our offices to ensure

We are market leader

We are market leader for delivering independent Premium Med Tec and medico-legal reports which ensure that we carefully handle our client instructions with speed, accuracy and high standard of professionalism.

We are well renowned in market for assisting our customers and developing long lasting relationships with them by providing them broad range of our services.

Our service philosophy

Highly dedicated account mangers and professional team for each individual client

we deliver high quality services via our medical experts who are registered with the NHS 62%
online availability of more than 45,000 appointments 47%
highly dedicated account mangers and professional team for each individual client 61%
constantly invest in IT infrastructure to deliver quality services 45%
continuously reducing SLA to create leading benchmark in industry 64%

Our team thoroughly check the relevancy and accuracy of medico-legal reports to ensure their compliance with Criminal and Civil processes rules. We provide additional services of obtaining medical records and consent forms of individuals. We provide efficient and speedy services in term of collecting reports.

What is more?

 Premium Medtec Team

We appoint a particular Account Manager to every Associate at the Expert Medical Services. Such arrangements are made to ensure that every solicitor receives the best possible services through personal assistant provided to them. It is a fact that the appointment of a specific professional will fully dedicate to oversee all of your requirements which ensures delivery of efficient services to you. Our main focus is on building long-term relationships with all Associates despite the availability of work.

 Premium Medtec Insights

Our nationwide prominent solicitors provide bespoke services of Expert Witness and Medico-Legal reporting and other supporting services. To every solicitor, we appoint a specific Account manager to provide them best possible services and protect them from the hassle of queuing up for availing our services.

 Premium Medtec Processing

Our team, at the Expert Medical Services, has to follow a set procedure of delivering services to all our clients in efficient manner. This procedure ensures the spending of quality time by each individual member of our team on attending needs of each individual client. This has increased our reputation within the market. Once we receive the instructions, we generate the GP report within twenty one (21) days.

Efficiency of the Service

Our designed systems and processes enable us to provide efficient and smooth services to our clients. Through our infrastructure, we can serve our clients very quickly with assurance that they are receiving highly standardized services from us.

Quality of the Reports

We analyze our overall performance by carefully vetting all reports and lodging all details carefully. This enables us to keep constant check and balance on our overall performance.

Experts` variety

Our experts` panel has grown well with passage of time. We have well reputed staff in terms of building long lasting and trust based relationships with our customers.