Complex Injury Reports

We cover broad range of the medical fields that also include injury claims such as complicated injury cases.

In this regard, our highly professional medical experts objectively assess all such reports.


Our experts are well experienced in this field.

We understand there are clients may have injuries which are complex. In such cases we can arrange a specialist medical expert to assess these injuries and produce a high-quality report which contains the necessary detailed information following the medical expert’s assessment.

All our medical specialist experts are registered with the General Medical Council and hold good knowledge of medico-legal reporting. Each report is thoroughly checked through our quality assurance cycles to help minimise any errors.

The reports are fully compliant with the Civil Procedure Rules and meet all necessary requirements for a medico-legal document which will be ready to be delivered to the third-party insurance company or court.

Why choose Premium Medtec?

We never intend to fail and ensure to deliver superior quality medical services and reporting to clients based on which our business is growing day by day.

Quality assurance

Our reports fully comply with CPR. Once our experts complete medical reports, our quality assurance team ensures that all reports meet the highest standards. We pay full attention to our medical reports so that they never return back to us for amendments and thus reduce overall wastage of time.


Our expert panel contains medical specialists across the country. No matter how long you are distant from us, you can assess our medical services at your nearest possible location.

Turnaround times

We produce reports in speedy turnaround times. We deliver our in-house generated reports to respective solicitors within few days.

Online ‘Integra Cloud’ system

This system enables us to provide complete solutions according to the requirements of medical experts, solicitors, claim clients and companies. This system also enables us to book, view and notify the appointments as well as many other user specific functions.

Own credit control

Our experienced and dedicated team ensures the careful handling and proper follow up of all invoices. We can directly negotiate and liaise with the insurance account department which reduces the administration burden of solicitors.


We realize that every person should have his own procedure to work. In this regard, Integra Cloud enables us to accommodate all needs of our clients so that entire work can be done in harmony in order to achieve best results.